MAP Handling

                      Buoyed by the long professional experience of our management team, we put all our expertise to the fore to provide top quality service, targeted and adapted to the very varied demands of our clients in all areas of ground handling assistance.
We offer realistic tariffs which allow us to ensure top quality service and correspond to the economic demands of the current market.
Since December 2006 AMC Group is certified ISO 9001 version 2000 by Bureau Véritas (version 2008 since 2009). Quality is primordial within the Group.
  • A controlled Quality policy integrated and defined by procedures and work instructions, means that our services are recognised as the best and most reliable because they are engaged in a Safety and Security procedure which conforms to the regulatory demands.
  • To continue, we have begun a process integrating Safety, Security and protection of the Environment with this same certifying organism.
  • The reliability and level of Quality of our services are ensured through our policy of continual training of our agents, dispensed by MAP Training. We concentrate more particularly on training linked to Safety and Security, two domains which are primordial in our activity and which we have integrated into our Quality procedures.


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